Fred & Jean Allegretti Foundation

How To Apply

  • We accept all of our letters of inquiry, applications and follow up reports online.

    If you are new to our site, click on the link to the right. This will get you into the online system. Once in, click on Create New Account to start the guided process to establish an account for your organization. If you have applied to us before, simply put in your email address and password and click "Log On." There is a link if you have forgotten your password. **Please Note: If your organization has applied before but you were not the one to process, please contact us first before creating another account. Thank you.
  • Remember to save your work at least every 30 minutes.

    You will have the ability to print the questions so you can gather all the information you will need prior to completing the application. You may also work your responses in a word document and copy and paste into the online form.
  • We ask for all of your documents in electronic form.

    This allows you to keep your costs on printing and postage down as well as allow us to share the information with board members across the country in a timely manner. If your documents are not in electronic form, our online system offers you a "fax to file" option that will give you a fax number to send your documents to and then will provide them in an electronic form you can save and upload to your application.
  • Further Assistance.

    If you need further assistance in registering on our application site, feel free to visit this tutorial video. This Fax-to-File feature also works well if any of your documents are over the MB limit for that document
  • See Info Needed for information to gather prior to applying and Grant Process to view the process.